Pip M.

Elli U.
February 11, 2017

Looks really can be deceiving. As others have said, the last place you expect to find high quality authentic Greek cuisine is Fallowfield, and the exterior of this small family restaurant gives no major hints as to the delights that reside within. Ironically, despite it not being massively popular with the student population, it has one of the best student deals in Manchester. Funny old world eh?

The big draw of the Taverna is undoubtedly the food. The decor is good too; warm and simple, but not unusually noteworthy. The food however is top notch. I started with a very homely bowl of vegetable soup and the pitta and dips, which were both very varied and very good. The Kosmos dip in particular is truly remarkable, and could only be described on the night as “lush”. Other reported having good stuffed vine leaves and the such like, in fact I don’t think I heard a bad word said about any dish on the table. The mains were also strong, with well made meatballs in delicious sauces, and lamb kebabs to die for. Everything had that homecooked feel to it, belying the fact that this really is a traditional family restaurant.

So why not the 5 stars? Mostly the prices, which aren’t (normally) that impressive, especially for drinks. The banquets are around £20 which is fine but in the same league as competitors (the Armenian Taverna, for example) and the a la carte is a tad steep given the portions are a tad small. Alcohol was quite dear, especially given the glass size. This is not true for students, who can have two courses and a glass of wine for £8.50 most nights, and more should. In this respect it is much like Red Chilli. A good restaurant with great food at a decent price, but with a student offer to go mad for. If you are a student, go every week. If not, go a couple of times anyway.