Jess F.

Ashley F.
February 11, 2017
Elli U.
February 11, 2017

Apparently this is a Manchester institution, serving authentic Greek food from this site for 30 years (estimate by my drunk friend last night – may not be 100% accurate). Despite passing this place on my school bus for 5 years however I’d never spotted it before. I now realise this has been a huge oversight on my part! I went with a group of 10 people for a bday celebration of an ex housemate. The staff coped really well with a big group and we were taken very good care of. They don’t put a tip on as standard even for a large group – I prefer this practice, other restaurants please take note!

The interior is nice, basic rather than luxurious but this adds to the atmosphere. They have a good drinks menu, I shared a carafe of red wine with someone and it was decent for the price. The menu has lots of choices, too many – I wanted everything! I had the deep fried halloumi in batter. It was delicious, perfectly done but I’d have preferred a better salad garnish, it just had 3 wedges of raw tomato with balsamic glaze. Friends shared the mezze platter and this looked great. Everyone said the starters were fantastic.

I then had a steak casserole dish with star annise and cinnamon. The mains come with a choice of rice, chips, salad or roast potatoes. I went for chips and they were perfectly cooked, the rice looked good on other plates too. The meat was tender and the onions in my dish were lovely and sweet. I really enjoyed it.

They brought out a piece of chocolate fudge cake with candles and sang for my friends bday, a nice touch. We all tried a bite of cake and the fudge icing was delicious. I had a medium sweet coffee which was the only down side of this meal for me. The Greek delight it came with (a piece of pink sweet very like Turkish delight) was amazing but the coffee itself was very bitter and full of grainy residue.

Overall I loved it, really want to go back and try someone dishes. Needs to go on the list for yelp events I think!