Loulla’s Little Book

Loulla's Little Book Of Greek Orthodox Memorial Traditions With Recipes

Loulla discovered when her mother passed away that many of the Greek Orthodox funeral and memorial traditions followed for generations were being lost.

“This booklet has been written with the intention of making things as simple and uncomplicated as possible, so I hope it helps.”

When she organised the memorials for her parents she had so many enquiries from other Greek members of the church she decided to do some research resulting in this 20 page book containing Greek orthodox traditions with recipes.

Loulla Astin was born in Avgorou a small traditional village in Cyprus.  Her grandmother and mother were Loulla’s earliest and most important inspirations. From them, Loulla learned all about generations-old Cypriot and Greek cuisine.

 “Dear friends, I hope my Little Book will be useful to you. I myself had to learn by asking my Aunties’ and older relatives because I couldn’t find anything written about this subject, these sorts of things are passed down through the generations by word of mouth. I have done the best to my knowledge to explain and put recipes down in this book for you to try. Good luck!” – Loulla x

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